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About the Case


Each case is covered with durable “600” fabric with a waterproof PVC backing, a layer of open cell foam and a layer of anti-pile fleece for protection. The interior is finished with an optional elegant “TARTAN FLEECE" or "Felt" liner for the softest finish available, giving three layers of protection.

***Custom leather cases are also available.***

I manufacture quality, lightweight Soft shell Cases for most stringed instruments, Bodhráns, Whistles and Tippers. My cases provide protection for your instrument combined with the convenient portability of a carefully designed gig bag. The most important feature of any soft case is the padding, therefor I use a "pillow" of open-cell foam as a shock absorber, the foam is sandwiched between the interior lining of anti-pile fleece and the tough, water-repellent, exterior fabric. For strength and durability, drum cases feature a large #10 nylon coiled zipper with two long-lasting nickel zipper pulls for ease of use.

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Remove the instrument from the case and start the cleaning process by either vacuuming the dust and dirt off the case. This will give the case a refreshed appearance and may be all that you will need to do. For any remaining spills or unknown spots you can wash small areas of your case with warm water, liquid dish soap and a cloth rag.

On grease or stubborn areas use a small drop of soap and a soft nail brush. Rub gently on the area and rinse well with warm water, mopping up the rinse water with a dry towel as you go. It may take a few soap and rinse sessions to remove grease.

-Allow time to air dry the case fully before use.
- Hang the wet case to drip and air dry.
- Make sure the clean case is completely dry before use.
- Use a leather conditioner to restore the leather when the whole case is dry.
- Odors are stubborn and you may have to use a scented soap to cover up the offending smell.
- If you want to talk about this process or have any questions, give us a call at 506-470-5545.
-***NEVER machine wash or DRY CLEAN!!!